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What does Coffee have to do with Security? Coffee has always played a major role in the life of most security professionals. Whilst beer serves the purpose of socializing, a good coffee always provides a quick energy boost. It's the beverage of choice among most hackers and security professionals that assists with prolonged subversive work online, and now the drink is helping bring together security enthusiasts around the globe. We also believe when it comes to good to great thinking it has always been powered by coffee. Hence when we coined the name, we thought of two key elements that are mutually inclusive and runs in our industry’s DNA i.e. coffee and security.

Our Objective: One of the key objective of C&S is to play a major role in world of application and software security by contributing in the form of security tools, articles, whitepapers and open source security projects. Over a decade the industry have witnessed several tools, security knowledge source, exploitation techniques and security solutions hence we do not aim to reinvent the wheel. Primarily we aim at filling those gaps in some of those critical areas which the industry have either failed to address properly or they were ignored. Our contributions will be in the form of tools, innovative projects, security solutions, better strategy towards solving a security problem and eventually create an open platform for the community to contribute and cross leverage each others skills. This site is absolutely non-commercial and any donation received will be used for supporting various C&S security projects which will be primarily meant for the security community.

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