Ring-of-Fire (a.k.a RoF) was started back in 6-April, 2004 and the aim was to bring all the security enthusiasts, computer hackers, cyber investigators or forensic experts together. Overtime it earned its image as a self-moderated and no-nonsense security mailing list which has people wearing different colors of hats i.e. Blackhats, Whitehats & Greyhats as its members.

RoF provides the platform for security enthusiasts to cross leverage members with different skills to collaborate on various security related issues, matters and solutions. Eventually helping in getting people motivated to learn, share, participate, and contribute towards the community.

RoF is well known for its “quality of discussion”. It has been an one stop security interest group for Blackhats, Whitehats, Forensic Experts, Cyber Investigators, Security Researchers, Intelligence Agencies (Private & Government), Federal Agencies and Security Buffs…..all at one place.

This is a restricted group and we don't believe in increasing the members count for show-off. Originally the membership was strictly based on reference only but presently we have kept it open for any serious security enthusiasts to join. 

Though not limited to it but primarily our focus of discussion is more around the following topics:

  • Application and Infrastructure Security Testing
  • SDLC Security (Threat Modelling, Code Review, Penetration Testing)
  • Vulnerability Research and Exploit analysis
  • Malware Research
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Security Solution and Mitigation Strategy
  • Cyber Terrorism and Prevention
  • Social Engineering
  • SCADA Security
  • Mobile Security
  • and … anything and everything about InfoSec :)

If you feel you have passion for security & research, and would like to contribute towards this community then click here free to join.


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