This page has list of white papers, articles published by Debasis Mohanty.

Whitepapers and Articles

#7 Defeating Virtual Keyboards
Publish Date 09-Dec-2008
Description Around mid of year 2005 I was bit intrigued to write a proof-of-concept (PoC) key logger to capture text input events fired using Virtual Keyboards (VK). The PoC key logger was publicly released on 5th Aug, 2005 to demonstrate the hack for a particular banking site however the fact that remains same is any site which uses similar VK or OSK can be defeated. As you read this whitepaper, you’ll understand how this particular approach of defeating OSK and VK cannot be easily tricked unlike ordinary key loggers.  This paper was public released by Hakin9 magazine in their Nov, 2007 issue and as per the contract I was allowed to publish the free copy after six months of their release.
Download  defeat-vk.pdf 


#6 Event Correlation & Need for SIM
Publish Date 04-Nov-2005
Description This whitepaper was originally published by Wipro Technology during the time when I use to lead their Penetration Testing Team. Since the official link to the paper is found broken, re-publishing it under C&S. Between 2003 till 2005, Security Information Management (SIM or SEIM) products were in start-of-the-art stage which has evolved significantly over time. I was quite intrigued by such products those days hence thought of putting together a paper covering some of my experiences with those products.
Download nf_sim.pdf


Following are list of very old articles which are archived and are removed from this website. If you need a copy of it, feel free to email us. Alternatively, you may google for it's title to get an online copy archived elsewhere.  

  Publish Date  Title 
#5  19-Jan-2006 Security Testing Demystified 
#4  25-Feb-2005 Fake FBI Worm Exposed
#3  03-Dec-2004 Antivirus Evasion Techniques & Countermeasures 
#2  26-Aug-2004 Demystifying Penetration Testing 
#1  01-Jul-2004 Demystifying Google Hacks 



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